Exhibition in Litomerice 06/10/2011


After a day in the glass studio, me, along with other Erasmus art students, hopped on a bus to Litomerice to see the opening of an exhibition. The exhibition, called ‘Paraleni Historie’ featured many artists whose work on display ranged from paintings to video installations.One particular exhibitor was our Erasmus co-ordinator Blanka, whose work covered two walls, comprising of pictures, quotes and memorabilia. I found her work to be really intriguing as they exuded character and a sense of the personal; displaying used tickets, hand-written notes and other significant objects. What struck me the most about this part of her installation was that I felt I was learning more about the individual, more than that could have been described  using only words. Her consideration of composition and selection of memorabilia spoke more to me than any text could.Another part of this exhibition was a corner of the wall, displaying numerous quotes in Czech and English. Blanka described that she had sourced thses quotes from individuals, either in person or from secondary sources I.e. Facebook. One quote in particular stood out to me… An interesting question, one that I feel could be asked to every Erasmus student.

The view more pictures from the exhibition and of Litomerice, see my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/debbieclaxton/6218059493/in/set-72157627709749191

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