Drawing 8.


Drawing. This week in drawing, I was catching up on some work before my actual drawing lesson. The task was to draw a huddled figure using red chalk. This was a really enjoyable task as I immediately knew the model I wanted to use and the position was really interesting to draw. I was also pleasantly surprised that my drawing skills have developed so much that I can complete a drawing like this in an evening.

The drawing lesson was quite different today, instead of producing one large drawing of a model, we drew multiple ones, approx 10. With every 15 minutes, the model changed pose and we started a new drawing. This was really interesting as I learnt how much I could achieve drawing in that time. Some of the drawings were more successful that others, but overall I improved with each drawing I drew.

I have also had to produce some abstract drawings for my glass sketches. The specification of these were rather unclear but the freedom of each drawing has been very refreshing. I have tailored them to fit the work I am producing at the moment, this drawing focuses on bottle forms and colour, by doing this I have learnt more about the forms I am working and how to use their shaped successfully.

I also caught up on some extra study pages. The first was a study of hands and feet and the second on body movement. These were enjoyable like previous sketches as I could achieve a lot of work in a small amount of time and having to produce a whole drawing in around 10/15 minutes made my drawing bolder and more decisive. From the feedback of my tutors, this is a very successful process for me to use.


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