Drawing 9.


This has been my last week of drawing where I have been catching up the remaining homework. My last studio drawing was again, of a nude model in charcoal. I enjoyed working a this angle as it was new to me and incorporated an object. This gave me some much needed practice with limbs and perspective.

Below are a selection of final homework’s which I officially finished 1 hour ago! The first was specified as a child under 8 years old and I thought what better than to draw a cousin. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of the drawing, although, as you can see, it does not look exactly like Matilda. Still I hope the picture has captured some part of her and is a flattering drawing.

My final homework was a hard task, an A1 self portrait. Now I have included two pictures as the drawing took a day to complete. Unfortunately I’m not as happy with the final drawing as it’s hard to draw what you see everyday and by de-constructing my own appearance, I began to notice all the little asymmetrical details. However, as you can see by the smaller photo, the drawing has improved greatly throughout that day and I am happy to say there is some resemblance at last! By comapring these two drawings I can see what mistakes I make during the initial drawing process, such as the proportion of features: as I tend to draw eyes too big and other features to small. Overall, the task has been very beneficial and is probably the best self portrait I have done to date.


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