Finished Recycled Glassware


After many weeks of hard work, I have finished my ‘Recycled Domestic Glassware’ project. The project itself was to focus on particular domestic objects that I could reproduce using recycled glass as a response to the research I have conducted into Czech DIY and it’s overall reputation in Glass.
The pair of wine glasses you see below were one of the most enjoyable aspects of this project as I perfected my cold working skills whilst producing designs using previous glass forms. In my opinion the combination of glass bottles used are very effective and function as real wine glasses!

Along with the domestic dinnerware objects, I also aimed to create some utensils. Now I had a fair amount of problems with these as I initially planned to cast the handles. However, the recycled glass had too many incompatibility issues so once i returned home I set about melting a shaping the bottle glass using my lampworking torch.
This has also taught me a lot about the glass I work with. Bottle glass has a completely different COE and takes a lot longer to heat up and work with. I was also restricted by the incompatibility issues making colours singular and the application far from delicate. Not only has this part of the project taught me so much technically but I am very pleased with the overall results as the simple beads still managed to appear delicate and decorative on the utensils.

There has been one huge success within my recycled project and that is the jewellery section. This is because I was successful at casting different glass bottles and somehow avoiding the incompatibility issues! Unfortunately, I am unable to explain at present why and how I was successful, but once I return to Usti, I plan to find out!.
With the blended glass pieces and cold working tools, I was able to smooth and shape the pieces, which have become very beautiful jewellery pieces. I am very happy about them and hope to produce more in the future.


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