Glass Terrarium with Solar Night light


With the second semester starting and a new project to begin, I have tailored my work and projects to be as relevant as possible to the work I may be doing at Ajeto . From my research on the factory and other glass companies in Novy Bor, my project for this semester will be focusing on hand blown glass and lighting. From this I visualise organic and unique blown forms that could be assembled together to make one large chandelier or light panel.

However, before starting work at Ajeto, I have set myself the small task on a Terrarium night light (A glass container that houses a small eco system). Not only do I think this piece is really interesting and quirky but it will also allow me to gain some experience working with simple electrical components and circuits…as I am quite rusty in that department!

I found this design on a Steampunk Design website-  and although the final piece is beautifully made, I will be reinterpreting it, using my developing glass skills to produce my own glass container.

Today, I also finished my first digital rendering of what the final piece may look like. Of course I am still considering the glass container but this gives a rough idea. I am also very pleased that I have managed to produce this image as my computer skills are quite basic and the more renders I do like this,  the more I will improve. Please be kind, remember this is my First!.

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