First Commission!


This post is rather overdue as I was set the commission in December last year after meeting a gentleman on the flight home from Prague. We started talking about Pandora bracelets and since I started lampworking I have always admired their products…but not the price, especially when you know how to make them yourself. I mentioned this and it resulted in this commission.

The Brief was to produce two bracelets which he could give to his daughters. Each bead would have a significant meaning and both would follow a similar theme, but with particular differences, so both daughters had their own unique bracelet.

On both bracelets there is a heart patterned bead to symbolise the father’s love, the next one along is their birth stone colour: Peridot and Topaz. The third is just a decorative bead and the fourth has their initials encased into the glass using stringers. Not only did I make and design the beads, I used silver plated inserts and wove the bracelet using a 4-part braid in leather (Just like the Pandora bracelets) Overall, I am very happy with the end result and will hopefully be delivering them to the commissioner soon. Of course I should mention I am not trying to compete with Pandora, or produce identical versions, but offer a vaguely  similar Glass jewellery  range with the flexibility for personalisation.

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