Čarodějnice’ – the annual witch-burning festival- April 30th


On the 30th of April in the Czech Republic and other surrounding countries, people gather together to build a bonfire and ceremonially bring winter to an end by burning a witch made from wood and straw. This is one the the Czech Republics ancient traditions, sourced from the Pagan and Celtic religions and it is celebrated by all kinds of people and age groups.

For me it was a combination of Erasmus and Czech Students, which was a brilliant combination as many countries have a similar type of celebration and we managed to celebrate them all together. Unfortunately we did not burn the witch, but we did build one. We also cooked some food, drank some beer and some of the more daring individuals danced round and jumped through the fire whilst other’s put on a display of fire dancing and breathing…..Which I also had a go at! Sadly I didn’t get a photo taken but overall the night was brilliant and at 28 degrees Celsius, I’m pretty sure we have scared away winter! 😀


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