Finished Glass Light!


Since my last post I have been very busy with finishing off my glass light. Unfortunately the piece shown in the previous post had to be replaced as I attempted to add more surface decoration to the sandblasted areas which resulted in a very ‘busy’ aesthetic,  which I was very dissatisfied with. Luckily, my teacher had recommended that I buy more than one glass sphere, which in hindsight was a very good piece of advice!

After starting again with my light, I decided to stick to my original idea and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. This project has taught me much more than I expected to learn and not just about glass but about working as a designer: learning to balance the opinions and advice of others alongside your own creative vision and by doing this my self confidence has grown.

Below are a series of photographs of the finished light, some are in daylight and others are illuminated. For those who read my blog regularly, please contact me and let me know which pictures are the most successful (particularly between the dark and light plinths) as I will be using them in a poster for my presentation AND one of the photos will be featured on the website of a local glass maker, who helped me make the glass inside the light!

Here is his website.

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