It has been a while since my last post, and finally I am getting back into a creative routine. With so much spare time during my summer holidays, I decided to take a class in PMC (Precious metal clay). Having previous experience in ceramics and considering the idea of incorporating jewellery into my work/designs: I felt PMC would supplement my designs well. I took at day course at Artworks Mk in Great Linford which introduced me to the material, how it could be used and fired and by the end of the day, everyone had made at least two pieces.

Before starting the course, I had so many ideas which I wanted to try out, unfortunately the clay I used cost me £23 (being silver) so I had to use it sparingly. However, I enjoyed to course so much it is quite likely I will invest in some of the equipment and practise more at home. The two pieces I made were a pair of flower studs and a pendant and for a first attempt I am very happy with them. I learnt a great deal about this material and I really appreciate that you can achieve precise and immaculate pieces with an easier moulding process or on the flip-side, use the clay like qualities to produce organic pieces.

Ideally, once I have purchased and developed my skills within this medium, I would really like to combine it with glass, making jewellery or other designs. As I have a kiln that can fire glass and/or metal clay, the two materials could be very successful together.


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