Third Fuse, drop out and other techniques.


For my next batch of test pieces, I wanted to continue my experiments with molten forms and transparency. I fused several samples and with a few of them, I created layers of colour and experimented with sandblasting to create variations in texture and colour and light. (first two images) I was very impressed with the contrast between the shine of fused glass against a sandblasted surface and I feel this particular composition has potential to go far.

One particular process I was drawn to were ‘Drop out’ firings, which involve slumping  sheets of glass through a hole to make a three-dimensional form, such as a vase. When thinking about jewellery pieces, I thought this would be a very intriguing piece and give my work a sense of elevation. I also incorporated ceramic as the base hole for the slump. This process is currently being refined as  the firing must be watched and depending on the area or type of kiln and amount of glass, the slumping can vary between each piece.

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