Engraving with the Roland JWX-10


Commission Update!

Since my last post, I have had several meetings with my client and after working through a few ideas, we have decided to cast the pendants in silver, from machine engraved wax. This gave me the opportunity to learn and develop skills in another area of jewellery manufacturing which, I  am really excited about!

In order to achieve  these engraved wax replicas, I used my Maya modelling skills to create digital designs of the finished product. These were then exported into an .STL format and transferred over to another programme called Protowizard: using the Roland JWX-10 Milling machine.
At first, the programme was quite daunting as the programme required a lot of specific numerical data to be set correctly on the X, Y and Z axis. However, once that was set, it was a matter of introducing supports and setting the correct tool to begin cutting.
The cutting process itself took around 46 minutes, excluding the time it took to change the tool and I am very pleased with the results!, even if it did take a few attempts to get the right depth of text.

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