Finished Commission!


Since my last post, I have successfully finished the three-part pendant commission I was working on, so I am now able to post some photos of the finished result.

This commission was an interesting project for me. In some respects I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn new skills and take on a more traditional project: developing my skills in that area. At other times, I also had a lot of doubt about the outcome of the final piece, as it was not my own design or style of work.
However, working with a client, coming up with different designs and suggesting options was also an enjoyable aspect of this job and once the commission was finished (and photographed) I could sit back and really appreciate what I had produced. I feel the photos in particular really do the jewellery justice and successfully display how the three parts fit together.

Overall, this experience has opened up new avenues of exploration for my practice, including the use of CNC milling and engraving, and I feel this, and future projects will continue to shape my development as a well rounded jeweller.


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