Michiel Cornelissen Internship


In April 2014, I finished my contract as a technician at Loughborough University and began looking for work. During these 4 months, I began to assess the direction of my career, leading me to consider working abroad again, similar to my Erasmus year in the Czech Republic.
I decided to get in touch with Michiel Cornelissen, a Dutch designer based in Utrecht who produces products for clients whilst also running his own design studio and shop: stocked with his own design ideas, the majority of which are 3D printed. With a background in design engineering from Delft University of Technology, numerous publications in magazines and blogs such as Gizmodo, Wired, Designboom, Core77 and NotCot and the winner of the IF and Red Dot awards, the opportunity to work with him would not only be invaluable but also very relevant work experience.

merrybird_ornament copy(Images the property of Michiel Cornelissen)

After several emails, a skype call and two weeks, I was invited to come out to Utrecht and work for him for 4 months as an intern. Whilst working for Michiel, I will have the opportunity to develop my design skills, contribute design ideas and assist in the running of the business.



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