An intern in Utrecht.



Two weeks have past since I started my internship for Michiel Cornelissen and I am amazed at how fast it has gone by. As part of the internship, I have had the privilege of being involved in all aspects of the business: from working in the shop, arranging displays and stock to producing signage and most recently, I was responsible for taking and editing press photos of the shop and a few designs which, are being used to publicise the shop’s official opening in the next few months!

These photos can be found on the MCHL flickr page.

And with the impending official opening of the MCHL, the press are already beginning to take notice and promote the event.

Aside from the commercial business side of the internship, I also have been set several 3D printing projects which I am currently working on. The first was to produce a ‘3DPRINTING!’ sign for the shop window, to not only demonstrate the capabilities of 3D printing, but also to inform ‘window shoppers’ of the shop’s content and allow me to familiarise myself with using the studio’s 3D printers and CAD software.


Needless to say, learning new software and operating a Makerbot/Ultimaker 3D printer were relatively new projects for me, and I anticipated that it would be a big learning curve for me. In retrospect, it was, but I revelled in the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and use the printers independently, learning from my mistakes and working as part of a team on new design ideas.Towards the end of my second week, I had successfully designed and printed the ‘3DPRINTING!’ sign and my first FDM print is now in the shop window!


To review the internship so far, (as I sit in the shop watching customers watch the Ultimaker printing from outside), I can see how much I have developed in a short space of time, but also how much more I have to learn. This is not a daunting prospect for me, as these are exciting times for the business and I look forward to becoming an integral part of the MCHL brand and assisting in its development.

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