Visit to Brussels


On the weekend of the 20th of September, I went to Brussels to visit two old friends and explore the capital and largest city of Belgium. I was very lucky, as the date of my trip coincided with Brussels’ ‘Car free Sunday’, a day when the 19 municipalities of the region close their territory for car traffic, as part of the European Week of Mobility(15 to 22 September). Not only did this mean that I could walk freely down the streets but it also allowed me to see Brussels in a new light and appreciate the sights. One particular aspect that I really enjoyed about Brussels was its architecture: offering a wide variety of historical buildings and the occasional, modern yet sympathetic construction.
Personally for me, it was these modern buildings that really caught my eye, especially one on Rue de la Loi or Wetstraat, a road which is known for featuring several governmental buildings. The ‘Residence Palace’ or ‘Europa building‘, consists of two buildings side by side, one, a more traditional construction and the other, replicating the pattern of historical windows in a patchwork fashion, into the framework of glass front. By creating a repeat pattern out of the original window frame, the newer addition highlights certain qualities of its older counterpart, whilst giving it a modern twist.

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