Ghost 3d-printed spinning top release!


Allow me to introduce to you a new product at the MCHL and ‘Michiel Cornelissen’ Shapeways store!

“Ghost is a lightweight, 3d-printed stainless steel spinning top unlike any you’re likely to have seen. Ghost already looks pretty good when it’s resting; but take it for a spin and it creates a fascinating, semi-transparent outline of a top.

And that’s not all. Ghost’s wiry structure also makes for a very efficient spinning top geometry: we’ve already had it spin for about 1.5 minutes – pretty incredible for a 10 gram top. Check out the video!”


This spinning top is one of many products I have been working on, preparing information and producing high quality photos for its release online. I am particularly proud of my work here as I was able to try out some new software (Adobe Premiere pro) and have a go at shooting and editing my own video! Although the video is relatively simple, this was a great experience for me and I found I was able to pick up the basics quickly and really enjoyed exploring a different form of digital software. Needless to say, this Ghost video will be the first of many!

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