Utrecht Design Store


Recently, Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp was approached by Poush.nl and Zook.nl ( initiated by La Senzo ), two companies that specialise in online shopping and temporary pop-up shops, to contribute to a pop-up shop in the Hoog Cathrijne in Utrecht.

Called the ‘Utrecht Design Store’ this shop opened on the 1st of November and will run until the 1st of December, featuring 18 different designer’s products from jewellery, to fashion, art and home-wares. The concept behind the shop is the exhibit local designers and their work to the public, whilst also providing the necessary information (Via QR code) for potential customers to read more about the products and order them online.

After seeing one of our most recent products online, the ‘Dom Toren’ pendant, Zook&Poush enquired if they could add it to the stores collection. In addition to that, they also asked if one of the publicity photos that I took could be used as part of this display, which is not only great exposure for the MCHL design store, but also a personal achievement for myself.

For more information on the store and the featured designers, click here.



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