3D printed ring commission


Alongside my current work as a design intern, I have also been keeping busy with my own little projects, including a few commissions. My most recent one was for a good friend I met in Utrecht, who wanted me to design a ring for a close friend of hers.
The brief was straightforward, she wanted a black, 3D printed bat ring. Perhaps something with a bit more dimension and she also suggested a heart in the centre.

This is was I came up with.


For the first design, I knew I would be working in laser sintered nylon, so I was very wary of the unsupported lengths. I also wanted to design a ring that was still wearable, without the band of the ring compromising the overall look. By using the heart as a centre piece and creating ‘facets’ I was able to draw along those lines to create the band and wings.


However, with this first design, I felt it was a bit to busy. The extra supports would make the ring stronger, but with the skeletal frame I was working to, it would still be relatively fragile. Therefore, I decided to strip the design back and use the nylon as a prototype for a steel version.

I am very pleased with the end result and I am also glad that I choose to strip back the design to its original structure. I feel the use of ‘white space’ really makes the design stand out and makes the overall appearance more balanced.

And most importantly, the client and her friend, were both very happy with the end result!

P1050992 P1050996 P1050998

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