Ghost 3d-printed spinning top release!


Allow me to introduce to you a new product at the MCHL and ‘Michiel Cornelissen’ Shapeways store!

“Ghost is a lightweight, 3d-printed stainless steel spinning top unlike any you’re likely to have seen. Ghost already looks pretty good when it’s resting; but take it for a spin and it creates a fascinating, semi-transparent outline of a top.

And that’s not all. Ghost’s wiry structure also makes for a very efficient spinning top geometry: we’ve already had it spin for about 1.5 minutes – pretty incredible for a 10 gram top. Check out the video!”


This spinning top is one of many products I have been working on, preparing information and producing high quality photos for its release online. I am particularly proud of my work here as I was able to try out some new software (Adobe Premiere pro) and have a go at shooting and editing my own video! Although the video is relatively simple, this was a great experience for me and I found I was able to pick up the basics quickly and really enjoyed exploring a different form of digital software. Needless to say, this Ghost video will be the first of many!



It has been a while since my last post, and finally I am getting back into a creative routine. With so much spare time during my summer holidays, I decided to take a class in PMC (Precious metal clay). Having previous experience in ceramics and considering the idea of incorporating jewellery into my work/designs: I felt PMC would supplement my designs well. I took at day course at Artworks Mk in Great Linford which introduced me to the material, how it could be used and fired and by the end of the day, everyone had made at least two pieces.

Before starting the course, I had so many ideas which I wanted to try out, unfortunately the clay I used cost me £23 (being silver) so I had to use it sparingly. However, I enjoyed to course so much it is quite likely I will invest in some of the equipment and practise more at home. The two pieces I made were a pair of flower studs and a pendant and for a first attempt I am very happy with them. I learnt a great deal about this material and I really appreciate that you can achieve precise and immaculate pieces with an easier moulding process or on the flip-side, use the clay like qualities to produce organic pieces.

Ideally, once I have purchased and developed my skills within this medium, I would really like to combine it with glass, making jewellery or other designs. As I have a kiln that can fire glass and/or metal clay, the two materials could be very successful together.

Finished Solar Powered Light


This post is rather a special one because at long last, I have finished my solar powered light! The design has changed many times and its original concept as a Terrarium changed almost immediately when I discovered issues with creating a vessel for a plant that was accessible and water tight. Thus, I changed my designs to it being a night light. I am very happy with this decision as it allowed me to be really creative with my designs and not have so many restrictions.

From my previous digital rendering, you can see the glass form changed again. This is because after my spectacular month in Novy Bor, I asked myself why not try blowing a form. A form which I feel is far more suitable for the Steam-punk Aesthetic I have been working towards.

Overall, I am really satisfied with the final piece. I didn’t expect it to look like this but it really shows a collaboration of my recent experiences with lighting design and glass blowing. It has also inspired me to make more refined versions: now that I understand the technology and have see the final result, I can create more successful pieces and be more adventurous.

Braiding and Woodwork


Welcome to a brand new category on my blog! I decided to create a ‘Creativity’ section as recently I have been exploring and pursuing several small DIY projects and learning some new techniques. Not only do I love learning about them, but some of these crafts have been (and I’m sure will continue to be) very useful in my larger glass and ceramic projects.

One of these crafts that I have recently discovered (Thanks to my Auntie) is braiding, also called ‘Kuminimo’   which is a Japanese braiding style using a board with multiple slots to hold the thread and a hole in the centre to feed the bracelet through.

I was lucky enough to have a card braiding board made for me with the beginnings of a bracelet that I could continue and practice with. However, it wasn’t long until I attempted to make my own board out of wood. This was reasonably successful and I produced two, one with 32 slots for more complicated braids. However, cardboard or foam is more effective when braiding with thread or wool as it keeps the tension so that the knots are tight. Still, I plan to use the wood boards when I braid with larger threads of other fabrics like leather. I feel this is a very beneficial technique as I will be able to use these braids to make bracelets for the glass jewellery pieces I produce.