Android App has been launched!


I am delighted to announce Spearhead Interactive’s latest release! My SLS Ware Collection Jewellery App, which, is now live on Android!

The app is free to download from this link:






I am please to announce that recently I have been working with a 3D Solutions company ‘Spearhead Interactive’ and they have taken my digital jewellery designs and developed them into an interactive application for iOS and Android! This will showcase my latest jewellery collection ‘SLS ware’ within an interactive, globally accessible mobile application.

The applicationis due to be launched on 8th July for Android users, with an iOS version following soon after.

For more information, please check out their blog, website and share with your friends and family.

Jewellery Commission.


At the beginning of this week, I was asked to work on a jewellery commission .
The individual wanted a customised version of a ‘His & Hers’ pendant with a personalised engraved message.

I am really excited about this commission as I have many ideas on how I can symbolise the parents and daughter using silver and gold and exploring a more unique and innovative form. This will also allow me to demonstrate the traditional jewellery skills and techniques that I learnt at University.

Going Freelance: An update!



Hi everyone!
So since the summer I have now started work as a technician at Loughborough university! I am really enjoying the job and it also means I have access to the facilities for my own work.
With regards to that, since September I have been featured in two exhibitions:

Portal 2013
September 14th – November 9th 2013
Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, St David’s Road,
Cwmbran, NP44 1PD, Torfaen, Wales. (see image above)

Lustre 2013
8 – 10th November 2013
Lakeside Arts Centre, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD

Both exhibitions were a great success and in conjunction with portal 2013, the shell series was featured on 3D PRINT UK’s website!
Since then, I have had several commissions and interest from online companies and I plan to be far more active on this blog to keep you all up to date with my experiments and projects.
Images from Lustre are to follow.

Final Designs.


Over the past two weeks, I have been working heavily with Maya to finalise my designs. With the deadlines looming, I managed to book a slot to send my files to the printer and this week the pieces came out!
The final result is brilliant, I am thoroughly pleased with them and I look forward to incorporating hand crafted metal into them. Below are the renders of the final pieces.

Plique à jour


In addition to my 3D printing research, I continued experimenting with glass (which was a predominant feature in my previous project) Ideally, I wanted to include some form of it as a decorative element alongside the wire work and printing.
I started by researching enamelling, which is a glass powder that is heated to 820’C to form a glassy, coloured surface on metal. I felt this process was very appropriate for my jewellery designs. As I continued exploring enamelling, I discovered Plique à jour: a form of enamelling that fills gaps in metal or wire structures. This seemed perfect for my wire designs and when produced well, Plique à jour is a very impressive process.
I did have some success with this form of enamelling, however, it was very difficult to create large areas of enamel or control the tension and movement of the molten glass.

Over Easter, this lead me to broadening my practice to consider molten glass, applying it in the same way as Plique à jour but using a gas torch and glass tools. The results were fantastic, with a higher clarity and a dramatically reduced making time.
The images below show my progress with glass and enamel and the combination of wire, glass and 3D printed form appears to have a lot of potential that I plan to incorporate into my final designs.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) experiments


Since my last post I have been rather busy with my final project. I have continued with 3d printing and have been experimenting with different forms. The material I am printing in: a poly-metric plastic powder, is fascinating and perfect for my designs. I can create delicate forms without the need for support and the material has a good level of flexibility which gives me a lot of options for my jewellery designs.

Below are a selection of experiments I recently produced. I am particularly pleased with the use of plastic in traditional stone settings.