Plique à jour


In addition to my 3D printing research, I continued experimenting with glass (which was a predominant feature in my previous project) Ideally, I wanted to include some form of it as a decorative element alongside the wire work and printing.
I started by researching enamelling, which is a glass powder that is heated to 820’C to form a glassy, coloured surface on metal. I felt this process was very appropriate for my jewellery designs. As I continued exploring enamelling, I discovered Plique à jour: a form of enamelling that fills gaps in metal or wire structures. This seemed perfect for my wire designs and when produced well, Plique à jour is a very impressive process.
I did have some success with this form of enamelling, however, it was very difficult to create large areas of enamel or control the tension and movement of the molten glass.

Over Easter, this lead me to broadening my practice to consider molten glass, applying it in the same way as Plique à jour but using a gas torch and glass tools. The results were fantastic, with a higher clarity and a dramatically reduced making time.
The images below show my progress with glass and enamel and the combination of wire, glass and 3D printed form appears to have a lot of potential that I plan to incorporate into my final designs.